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In addition to the recorded sessions on a variety of topics related to Opioid Use Disorder, KY-OPEN created flyers and brief (3-5 minute) videos regarding other substances and their relationship to opioid use disorder, medications for opioid use disorder, and navigating opioid use disorder treatment. 

 Below you will find links to download any of our flyers and educational videos. 


 Flyers and Videos on Substances and Opioid Use Disorder:


Flyers and Videos on Opioid Use Disorder Treatment


Flyers and Videos on Naloxone


You can also visit our YouTube Channel Educational Playlist to watch all of our brief videos.

Featured Educational Video - Fentanyl: Myths and Facts

As part of the HEALing Communities Study and KY-OPEN's educational video series, Academic Detailing Pharmacist Jordan Kelsch addresses common fentanyl myths and provides the facts. A PDF of these myths can be found at: